Hosa Chiguru

About Hosa Chiguru

Hosachiguru heralds the coming-of- age of agricultural land management. While primarily being a farm asset management company, they are driven by their love for Nature. This makes approach agriculture in a humane, scientific way, involving methods like zero residue farming, permaculture, sustainable farming and precision farming. Regularly researched and innovated upon, these methods work together to give stakeholders better produce while nurturing the land to its optimum health


  • 50+ blogs written
  • 200% increase in online sales since Jan 2017
  • 1000+ new likes every month
  • 315% increase in organically ranked keywords in first 6 month of work


Hosachiguru started with identifying arable parcels of land and enabled various investors to invest in these pieces of land. The company is responsible for the design of farms, procuring saplings and monitoring the overall operations of the farm. The firm works towards promoting “green” ROI via structured investment plans in commercial farming and practices “precision farming.”

The company wanted to start building Hosachiguru as a brand that supplies fresh produce through B2B channels. That way, Hosachiguru’s investors and farmers can reap the benefits of their long-term investment


Such issues need to be handled properly by investing a good amount of time. At first, we have started with social media and used Facebook to create the awareness program.

Our team has successfully created some of the finest social media campaigns for Hosachiguru. We have used all the social media platforms to create awareness among the people. Realestate and farming was the focus for SEO while we built strong communication messages to get more traffic to the site and generate more leads. Currently Hosachiguru manages about 400 acres of land and has already received LOI for more than 500 acres of land.

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