Vin 4X4

About Vin 4×4

Gypsy’s look more classy and contemporary than any other SUV or sedan. VIN 4X4 is a platform where all kinds of accessories and customization of Gypsy’s are done.


  • 50+ blogs written
  • 200% increase in online sales since Jan 2017
  • 1000+ new likes every month
  • 315% increase in organically ranked keywords in first 6 month of work


People who own Gypsy’s were finding difficult to find a place where accessories are available. Although VIN 4×4 was an established brand, yet its reach to the consumers was quite low. They were facing several issues to reach out to the prospective ones. The sales growth became stationary as no new consumers could be reached. At that time the company thought of taking a step ahead in Digital to bring some quality lead.


After an in-depth discussion with the client, we thought of social media campaigns as the best advertising channel. From Facebook to LinkedIn every platform was targeted to promote the brand.

Social media is the only roadway towards building a better brand recognition. Soon things started taking a different shape as people approached the company. We worked on creative banners, some exclusive designs, and persuasive advertising copy to make the product more viable on the digital platform.

With time we have been successful in creating some effective campaigns to reach the target consumers.

Case Studies