App Store Optimization

App! Is the word we have been hearing in the recent times? Smart phone users have multiplied in numbers and so the app store numbers are drastically increased to more than 1.5million as per the recent study. All you have to do is get noticed and downloaded from the app store. The buzz in the app world is getting your reviews and ratings at the top to get more visibility and more download.

Recent years more and more people are getting migrated to mobiles and other handheld devices for making searches, buying, following user reviews and any online transactions. While people make searches it is important for a brand to be found in the top for better probability of being noticed.

App store optimisation ensures your target customers are reached and are viewing the app in the app store. We at DT Digital help company’s app to get more visibility with best-proven strategies and get them more downloads and profits which means more business. More visibility means more downloads and more business resulting in more customers. The mechanics of ASO understands the target market, target audience, getting to top with right search keywords and optimising the app for these keywords.

App Store OptimizationApp Store Optimization

  • Draw traffic to app store with respective app store
  • Increased retention rate and increase the number of downloads
  • App optimisation for both iOS and Android
  • Builds credibility and stand out from the competition

Key Statistics

  • 63% (iOS) of app customers are browsing in the app store to discover new apps
  • Global app economy is soaring at $143 billion by end of 2016
  • App titles that contained keywords had a 10.3% higher ranking than those without it
  • Surprisingly Apps that ranked #2 and #3 actually had higher average ratings than apps that ranked #1
  • 85% of customers feel that screenshots are the strongest visual representation of an app and go a long way in convincing users to install.

Improving the visibility of a mobile app on both Andriod and iOS platform is App store optimization

The mobile application has completely transformed the world of communication. Consumers are highly dependent on different forms of application in their daily life.

The process of selling is now mostly focused on the online platform. All service related organizations have their own customized application from where they do their business.

Our DT digital team helps to enhance the visibility of your app in the store. Mobile application is now a viable platform to reach consumers. Our team makes sure that the work on optimization gets done in a perfect manner so that the targeted consumers can reach your platform by doing a limited search.

There are applications which get hidden for the lack of visibility and henceforth people are unaware of its name and use. In such case our service is genuinely needed.

If you bestow your trust on us, we can give your business a better growth in the future. DT digital is now considered to be the most demanding App stone optimization agency in Bangalore.


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