Online Reputation Management

Your Brand is not what you believe; it is all about how others perceive your brand.

Online Reputation is how others talk about your brand on google and other social media. Online reputation management services helps to restore the brand image and perception while maintaining a positive impression in the digital world. Managing reviews, ratings, social media comments and recommendations is the job of any ORM service agency to give an overall boost to the brand. Content promotion and management is one of the assets that every brand should look at. A well-written content with respect to pushing the negative reviews down the line helps in succeeding and giving better results for search.

Benefits of Online Reputation ManagementBenefits of Online Reputation Management

  • Builds Trust and increases confidence in the brand
  • Positive reviews adds value to the company and resulting in high reputation
  • More profitable and engaging
  • Repeat customers and willingness to associate with the brand
  • Improves customer satisfaction and being loyal to the brand

Key Statistics

  • 91% of consumers read online reviews to learn about a business
  • 64% of People Trust Search Engines for Research
  • 75% of customers just walk off when they find negative reviews
  • 85% of customers are influenced by social media content in buying decisions
  • 87% of people do comparative shopping for every purchase

Reputation and character are two different faces in a coin. Reputation is what people think about you or your brand, character is the actual qualities you or your brand has.

A brand is always under a scrutiny of good things and simultaneously bad things. For a company, it is very important to maintain the standard and image of its brand. Consumers solely concentrate on the brand before the products.

At DT digital you get the best performance on online reputation management. Our team delivers a robust work in managing your brand image and reputation in the market. People are looking up online to know more about you and your brand; they make decisions based on what they find and what other people have commented. Once your brand is online, anyone can comment and review about your brand which may or may not be true. We at DT Digital help you manage your online reputation by focusing on good content, comments, good reviews and feedback.

We believe that digital communication is now the strongest force to reach the consumers. All over the world people are dependent on this platform for their daily activities. We make digital campaigns, give social media posts, highlight good reviews about your brand, design creative banners, make your brand gets associated with social events etc.

We are here to speak goods things about your brand. Consumers do love controversies but that affects the brand in a bad way. Our team sees to it that the stories we pitch makes sense and are loved by all.


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