Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Give users a better experience while navigating through your website- Here is what the experts suggest as to how?

For any designer, the biggest challenge in designing and developing a website is to attract the viewers in just a 5 seconds time frame. If not then they are bound to move to some other site.  So make sure that the website load time is perfect along with other features.

With the changing technology, even newer trends are getting out-dated, but there is something that can make your viewers glued to the site. The people who work in the domain of web design and development has few tricks that surpass all issues and drive huge traffic to a website.

So here we present you some known and unknown ways to improve your website.

Responsive design has no alternative

More than 99% of viewers now check a web application in their smartphones, and invariably the developers have to build a site that can fit the resolution of the screen. Along with user-friendliness responsive design is also important for website SEO work.

Optimize the website speed-

People complain about government sites due to its slow loading time. And this is one of the flaws that website development has, and it loses out traffic. If the website takes more than 5 seconds or so to load, then visitors will automatically shift to another site before you can even get a chance to pitch an idea. Especially in e-commerce sites, web applications should be fast and provide a well-designed interface to navigate here and there.

Linking up of social sites

According to statistical records, there are around 800 million active users on Instagram around 100 on Twitter, and this proves how people are now dependant on social media. Over the years it controls our likes dislikes, daily activities, and everything vividly. So it is important to connect the brand with all the social platforms to get a better lead and recognition.

Finding the right color scheme

The color scheme of your website cannot be left to ignore while designing the look and feel of the interface. Even a small tinge of color matters the most to the viewers. Expert web design and development designer will choose one dominant color for the entire site and the brand to get visibility, and then there will be other complementary colors to fit the complete scheme.

There are more ways to improvise on the part of web design and development, but the above factors are the essential ones that add huge value to your site.

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